Thai Khao Soi

Although a melting pot, Bangkok is not all Thailand when it comes to food. This dish is from Chiang Mai which is a northern province of Thailand where the use of coconut in dishes is limited. However, this noodle dish with thick coconut chicken soup is a spicy and rich dish which is enjoyed with…

Sri Lankan Egg Curry or Biththara Kirihodi

Eggs are perhaps the most versatile protein available which is a favorite among much of humanity. Apart from the fried, boiled, poached and scrambled eggs, some cultures like cooking them. The Sinhalese in Sri Lanka like cooking eggs in coconut milk which they call “biththara kirihodi”. This is a great dish with rice, string hoppers,…

Sri Lankan Spicy Mutton Curry

Mutton is enjoyed by many Sri Lankans as a spicy curry eaten with rice. Typically cooked with a lot of spices, special care needs to be taken to ensure that the meat is tender. This recipe uses premium cuts of mutton with less fat for a more healthier and tastier experience.

Thai Coconut Seafood Curry

By now you should know that we are big fans of Thai food. We are even bigger fans of seafood. This dish is a new take on the tom yum goong dish but combines the sweet taste of fresh mussels, coconut cream and red Thai curry to create a sweet and sour curry which pairs…

Sri Lankan Blue Crab Curry

Dungeness crab is great for the world famous Singapore chili crab but the blue crab is king when it comes to curry dishes in Asia. This dish is close to my heart as my mother used to cook it when I was growing up in Sri Lanka.

Thai Jungle Curry (Gaeng Bpa Curry)

My husband loves Thai food. He loves my Tom Yum Goong the most. So I thought I’d make something new from Thailand to add some variety. This dish is a traditional Thai recepie which combines a lot of the village Thai flavors. I don’t really know why it’s called a jungle curry but the vegetables…

Cuttlefish Curry

If seafood is your thing then cuttlefish, also known as squid, calamari or “dallo”, should be a favorite. Growing up in Sri Lanka, my husband and I have fallen in love with the taste of cuttlefish cooked, fried and salad. The guys love it paired with an evening of local coconut arrak or beer. Although…

Dungeness Kerala Crab Curry

In a previous recepie I introduced dungeness chilli crab cooked Singapore style. In this recipe, I’m cooking dungeness crab in a spicy curry sauce inspired by the style of Kerala in India. Rather than making the sauce too spicy, I’ve tried to add a bit of sweetness to bring out the natural flavors of the…

Curry Pork

Pork is widely consumed and loved in Sri Lanka. This is especially true among the Sinhalese. There are many traditional pork curry recepies indigenous to particular areas. Our favorite is the black pork curry with coconut. However, it is difficult to source all the ingredients needed abroad. This recipe is a versatile spicy pork curry…

Sri Lankan Roasted Curry Powder

Roasted curry powder is a key ingredient in many Sri Lankan curry dishes, especially meat dishes. This can be store bought in Sri Lanka but is hard to find abroad. Also the homemade version tastes better as you can modify the ingredients according to personal taste.

Chicken Curry

Chicken curry is a staple in most Sri Lankan households served with rice and vegetables. It is also quite versatile and goes well with bread, naan, chapati, roti and parota.

Green Beans with Coconut Milk

Green beans are a very tasty vegetable which goes well with rice. Cooking it with coconut cream gives it a sweet taste which complements the spicier meat. Green beans are a common side dish in traditional Sri Lankan lunch.

Sri Lankan Raw Curry Powder

Raw curry powder is a key ingredient in all Sri Lankan curry dishes. This can be store bought in Sri Lanka but is hard to find abroad. Also the homemade version tastes better as you can modify the ingredients according to personal taste.