Thai Massaman Chicken Curry

According to CNN Thai Massaman Chicken Curry is number one on the top 50 dishes in the world. Now that is saying something! Although many recipes on the internet use store-bought curry paste, I’ve built the flavor profile from scratch. However, I must warn you that it does take a bit of love and patience…

Thai Khao Soi

Although a melting pot, Bangkok is not all Thailand when it comes to food. This dish is from Chiang Mai which is a northern province of Thailand where the use of coconut in dishes is limited. However, this noodle dish with thick coconut chicken soup is a spicy and rich dish which is enjoyed with…

Burmese Chicken

This Burmese chicken dish is a twist on the traditional chicken curry recipes usually found in Asia. Packed with sweetness from the lemongrass, it will pair well with white rice and a tangy salad.

Sri Lankan Chicken Curry Powder

Chicken curry is a regular item in many Sri Lankan meals. To get the rich curry flavour, several curry powders are used. Among these, chicken curry powder is a key ingredient for that authentic Sri Lankan taste.

Chicken Curry

Chicken curry is a staple in most Sri Lankan households served with rice and vegetables. It is also quite versatile and goes well with bread, naan, chapati, roti and parota.