Sri Lankan Baby Shrimp Stirfry (Koonisso baduma)

Baby shrimp or “koonisso” are tiny shrimp with mega flavor. When theses are deep fried, they bring a distinct flavor profile to any dish. In place of the Chinese chilli paste, you can pair this condemint with mild dishes to add some heat, crunch and salt. The guys will also love it as a bar…

Sri Lankan Sweet and Spicy Onion Sambal

Sweet and spicy onion sambal or “seeni sambal” is a popular side dish in Sri Lanka typically served alongside milk rice (kiribath), bread, hoppers, string hoppers, roti and many others. It is also used as a filling for a number of savory pastries and buns on its own or paired with boiled eggs. Seeni sambal…

Sri Lankan Traditional Chilli Paste

The traditional chilli paste of Sri Lanka is called “lunumiris” which literally means salt and chilli even though there are many other ingredients in the recepie. Lunumiris usually complements traditional Sri Lankan dishes such as milk rice (kiribath), hoppers (appa) or pittu.

Chinese Chilli Paste

Chinese Chilli Paste is a must in most South Asian dishes which have a Chinese heritage. This spicy mix is so delicious that many countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India offer it as an integral part of most Chinese inspired fast food dishes.